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Letter to the Editor

"As a professional maritime artist with a 35 + year history of painting our beloved Chesapeake Bay and her tributaries, chiefly among them the Rappahannock River, I gladly add my support to the "No Towers" effort. The huge structural towers proposed by Dominion to replace the smaller, existing poles would clearly degrade our handsome Robert O. Norris Bridge and the magnificent river views that we now enjoy. I ask all citizens who value our wonderful natural resource that is our Chesapeake and her tidal rivers to resist this ill-conceived effort. Please visit to learn more and to join the opposition to “The Towers”! I see no reason to deviate from the placement of power lines beneath the river that has been so successfully used elsewhere by Dominion Power that will preserve the beauty of our Rappahannock and provide a more secure conduit of electricity to the Northern Neck of Virginia."

John Morton Barber
Fellow, American Society of Marine Artists
Richmond, VA

Harvesters, by John Morton Barber