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Dominion's Plan

"One thing to keep in mind: Financial analysts consider transmission lines
good business strategy for Dominion. And this $42 billion company is politically powerful. It happens to be the biggest political donor in Virginia, a state with
no donor limits."

Scott Tong,, August 18, 2015

What are they planning for Norris Bridge?

Dominion Power has been forced to make a full application to the State Corporation Commission because the Commission found that the company had attempted to evade SCC jurisdiction by framing the project as "ordinary", a simple replacement.

The application to the SCC would normally require 1–2 years for review, however Dominion asked for, and will be granted, a decision within eight months, by November 2016.

Dominion still plans to construct 14 overhead transmission towers (ten will be newly installed, four are replacement towers) next to the Robert O. Norris Bridge. The application includes information for a 115kV line 10-tower project; and upgraded alternative for a 10-tower 230kV line, and an underground option.

The information below reflects Dominion's first attempt to slip by the State Corporation Commission (SCC). Updated information and Dominion's formal application to the SCC was submitted in February, 2016. Public hearings in Lancaster County are scheduled for July 6, 2016 (see calendar.)

The SCC order requiring Dominion to submit to SCC oversight is here.

Dominion's application to the SCC can be found here and here.

  1. Dominion Power Co. application to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC).

    The VMRC staff summary.

  2. Audio of all remarks before the VMRC hearing on the Norris Bridge project, July 28, 2015.

  3. Appendices to the first VMRC application

  4. Dominion's web page on Norris Bridge project

  5. Dominion's letter to Rappahannock Oyster Company. Note the only reference to towers in the third bulleted item.

  6. Dominion's letter to HOA President at High Bank development. Note the only reference to towers in the third bulleted item.

  7. Senator McDougle's letter to VMRC. Note the language alluding to existing towers in paragraph three and the absence of specifics on Dominion's planned overhead towers across the entire width of the river.
  8. Dominion in the News
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