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Rappahannock Area Representatives


Express your opposition to the Dominion Power towers by writing or calling
the representatives listed below. Like the supervisors in Lancaster and Middlesex Counties, these county governments must act quickly to oppose Dominion's plan. The fight to preserve shared values, rural and scenic landscapes, and an unsullied future for our children is morally compelling and each county and state elected official should know how strongly you oppose the towers.

Here are some focus points to help when you write or call.

This threat is immediate and the state agencies that should protect scenic values have failed to do so. Use the links below to call and write now.

Counties: Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmoreland, Middlesex, Mathews, Essex, and King and Queen

Towns: Kilmarnock, Irvington, Warsaw, Urbanna and Tappahannock

State representatives: Senator Ryan McDougle, Delegate Margaret Ransone, Delegate Keith Hodges

County Governments - 2015

Northumberland County

“Mother County of the Northern Neck”

Ronald L. Jett, Chairman


1169 Flood Point Road
Heathsville, Virginia 22473

Richard F. Haynie, Vice Chairman


1938 Walnut Point Road
Heathsville, Virginia 22473

A. Joseph Self, Sr.


P.O. Box 410
Callao, Virginia 22435

James M. Long


P.O. Box 85
Wicomico Church, Virginia 22579

Thomas "Tommy" Tomlin


61 Shalango Dr.
Heathsville, Virginia 22473

Kenneth D. Eades
County Administrator


P.O. Box 129
Heathsville, Virginia 22473
804-580-7666 (Office)
804-580-7053 (FAX)

Office, Board of Supervisors


P.O. Box 129
Heathsville VA 22473
804-580-7666 (Office)
804-580-7053 (Fax)

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Richmond County

"It's a place where the morning coffee comes with a view of eagles”

F. Lee Sanders, Chairman


6330 Menokin Road
Warsaw, VA 22572
804-333-4701 (Home)

Richard E. Thomas, Sr.
Vice Chairman


678 Sharps Road
Warsaw, VA 22572
804-394-4561 (Home)

Jean C. Harper


2181 Threeway Road
Warsaw, VA 22572
804-333-931 (Home)

John L. Haynes, Jr.


347 Big Bend Road
Warsaw, VA 22572
804-394-2317 (Home)

Robert B. Pemberton


P.O. Box 97
Sharps, VA 22548
804-394-3393 (Home)

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Westmoreland County

“Unchanged in spirit since Richard Henry and Francis Lightfoot Lee
signed the Declaration of Independence”

Darryl E. Fisher, Chairman


1520 Nomini Hall Road
Hague, VA 22469

W. W. Hynson
Vice Chairman


3895 James Monroe Hwy.
Colonial Beach, VA 22443

Rosemary Mahan


5332 Coles Point Rd.
Hague, VA 22469

Dorothy Dickerson Tate


10400 Kings Hwy.
Montross, VA 22520

Larry Roberson


215 Cedar Ave.
Colonial Beach, VA 22443

Norm Risavi
County Administrator


P.O. Box 1000
Montross, VA 22520
804-493-0134 (FAX)

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Mathews County

"Pearl of the Chesapeake”

O.J. Cole, Jr., Chairman


P.O. Box 98
Moon, VA 23119

Janine F. Burns


P.O. Box 54
Hallieford, VA 23068

Charles E. Ingram


P.O. Box 2
Mathews, VA 23109

Edwina J. Casey


P.O. Box 472
North, VA 23128

Jack White


P.O. Box 35
New Point, VA 23125

County Administrator/
Clerks Office


P.O. Box 839
Mathews, Virginia 23109
804-725-7172 (Office)
804-725-7805 (Fax)

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Essex County

“Home of the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge”

E. Stanley Langford, Jr.


P.O. Box 1651
Tappahannock, VA 22560

Edwin E. Smith, Jr.


P.O. Box 878
Tappahannock, VA, 22560

Margaret H. Davis


P.O. Box 129
Center Cross, VA 22437

Sidney N. Johnson


P.O. Box 13
Hustle, VA 22476

A. Reese Peck
County Administrator


County Administration Building - Rooms 101 and 102 202 South Church Lane
P.O. Box 1079
Tappahannock, VA 22560
804-443-4331 (Office)
804-445-8023 (FAX)

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King and Queen County

"Where People Connect with Their Past, Present, and Future"

James Lawrence Simpkins


P.O. Box 14
St. Stephens Church, VA 23148

Sherrin C. Alsop
Vice Chair


13325 Newtown Road
Newtown, VA 23126
804-296-6804 (Cell)
804-769-1100 (FAX)

Doris H. Morris


767 Devils Three Jump Rd.
Little Plymouth, VA 23091

R. F. "Rusty" Bailey, Jr.


P.O. Box
Shacklefords, VA 23156
804-339-4324 (Cell)

James M. Milby, Jr.


529 Salem Farm Lane
P.O. Box 339
Mattaponi, VA 2311
804-513-9799 (Cell)

Thomas J. Swartzwelder
County Administrator


242 Allens Circle, Suite L
P.O. Box 177
King & Queen C.H., VA 23085
(804) 785-5975 or (804) 769-5000 (Office)
(804) 785-5999 or (804) 769-5070 (FAX)

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Town Governments


" 'Steptoes Ordinary'— A Blend of History and Small Town Charm”

Mae P. Umphlett, Mayor

Rebecca T. Nunn
Vice Mayor

Chris Allen

Keith Butler

Emerson Gravatt

Dr. Curtis H. Smith

Michael T. Sutherland

Tom Saunders
Town Manager


P.O. Box 1357
1 North Main Street
Kilmarnock, VA 22482
804-435-1552 x26
804-435-1552 (Town Office)
804-435-1587 (FAX)

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“America’s Historic Village Where Coastal Waters Meet”

Ralph D. Ransone, Mayor


P.O. Box 333
Irvington, VA 22480

Kathleen F. Pollard
Vice Mayor


P.O. Box 14
Irvington, VA 22480

R. Wayne Nunnally


183 King Carter Dr.
Irvington, VA 22480

Jerry S. Latell


370 King Carter Dr.
Irvington, VA 22480
804-436-6644 (Cell)

Michael E. Merrill


954 King Carter Dr.
Irvington, VA 22480
804-238-1235 (Cell)

Frances E. Westbrook


395 King Carter Dr.
Irvington, VA 2248
804-436-3611 (Cell)

Gene H. Edmonds


204 Old Mill Cove Rd.
Irvington, VA 22480

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“The Great Crossroads”

Mark Milstead, Mayor



Paul Yackel, Vice Mayor



Ogle Forrest, Sr.



Rebecca C. Hubert



Randy Phelps



Roger Lee



Ralph Self



William Washington, IV



John M. Slusser
Town Manager


Town of Warsaw
78 Belle Ville Lane
P. O. Box 730
Warsaw, Va 22572
804-333-3737 (Office)
804-333-3104 (FAX)

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“An historic port town with old-fashioned flavorHolly Gailey Town Administrator”

Steve Hollberg, Mayor 



Lee Chewning



Barbara Hartley



Joe Heyman



Boyd Wiley



Bill Thrift



Larry Chowning



Holly Gailey
Town Administrator


45 Cross St.
Urbanna, VA 23175
804-758-0389 (FAX)

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“Town on the Rise and Fall of Water"

Roy M. Gladding, Mayor



Troy Allen



Troy L. Balderson



Marcia W. Jenkins



Anita J. Latane



R. Tyler Lowery



G.G. Belfield, Jr.
Town Manager


P.O.Box 266
915 Church Ln.
Tappahannock, VA 22560

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State Representatives - 2015

Senator Ryan T. McDougle

Senator McDougle represents the following counties in the Virginia State Senate:
Caroline County (All), Essex County (All), Middlesex County (All), Spotsylvania County (Part), Lancaster County (All), Northumberland County (All), Richmond County (All), Hanover County (Part), King George County (Part), Westmoreland County (Part)

General Assembly Building, Room 314
P.O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218
804-698-7943 (FAX)

Mechanicsville Address
P.O. Box 187
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
804-730-1051 (FAX)

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Delegate Keith Hodges

Delegate Hodges represents the following counties in the Virginia General Assembly:
Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William (part), Mathews, and Middlesex

General Assembly Building, Room 821
Capitol Square
Richmond, VA 23219

Urbanna Address
P.O. Box 928
Urbanna, VA 23175

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Delegate Margaret B. Ransone

Delegate Ransone represents the following counties in the Virginia General Assembly:
Caroline (part), King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland

General Assembly Building, Room 809
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218

Kinsale Office
P.O. Box 358
Kinsale, VA 22488

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