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What to Do

Put pressure on Dominion Power.

Send your comments to the State Corporation Commission

Aim well.

Follow the links in the "How to Help" menu above, or click on the links below to get the help you need to participate.

This is how a democracy works.

The effort to appeal to the State Corporation Commission was undertaken entirely with the financial support of private citizens. Not taxes, not corporations - individuals. If you would like to participate please contribute. Make checks payable to "Save the Rappahannock Coalition". Mailing address is 177 Dawson Lane, White Stone VA 22578.

  1. Contact our elected officials - from the towns, the counties, and at the state level.
  2. Write Letters to the Editors - those newspapers with local, regional and state-side readership.
  3. Send your comments to the State Corporation Commission. Here is how. All comments will be reviewed by a hearing exwaminer who will make a recommendation to the Commissioners in September, 2016. It is essential to make your voice heard now. Here are some examples.